While in-between assignments I recently took on a job as an instructor/mentor for the 2012 Visiting Artists Project designed by the YEAH Coalition (Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities) at the Fall River Preparatory Resiliency High School. The students worked on bluelines to ink over nine classes. During this I worked on a demo from a John Buscema chapter illustration drawing from the classic book How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (my HC is incidentally signed by Stan and John:-)). So it was like a convention commission in approach. With the exception of a small section I did with brush (a synthetic sable water color brush 405OR size 2…I dread synthetic brushes but budgets are what they are so I tried it and I liked it). I also used a Pitt brush brush marker on most of it and some micronmarkers. As much as I’m happy with this effort, it bothers me that I screwed up the chainmail on the left shoulder area, though. This 11X17 image on 2-ply Kubert art board was completed by 2/28/12 and it was awarded to the student with the most promise, Markee, on 2/29/12, the final class.

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way cover (by Buscema)

John’s drawing

Bob’s inks (color file)

Bob’s inks (b&w)