Ok, something different this time! I met Jeff Lavezoli at a Pittsburgh Comicon one year and we kept in touch with the goal of doing a commercial job together. His client- Bryant, a heating & oil cooling system company using comic book style characters such as “Bryantman” in their promo images. “Dr. Contaminator”, meant for an online coloring series of print-ups, was inked by me in blueline on 2-ply board on 1/5/2008. The other images were for a promotional pitch and completed in late February. Most were inked with brush, markers and Pitt brush marker but there’s a bit of drybrush on Dr. Contaminator (file 2), some white ink spatter on the cover (file 4), some Hunt 102 quill in file 7 & file 11, and the “back cover” pup pic was all in markers (file 9). The cover was digitally colored by a 3rd party, “Splashcolors” and adjusted by Jeff.

Jeff’s pencils: Dr. Contaminator

Bob’s inks: Dr. Contaminator

Splashcolors’ colors: The cover

Jeff’s pencils: The cover

Bob’s inks: The cover

Jeff’s pencils: Bryantman

Bob’s inks: Bryantman

Jeff’s pencils: The pup sidekick

Bob’s inks: The pup sidekick

Jeff’s pencils: Bryantman action pose

Bob’s inks: Bryantman action pose