For my 87th Damon Owens commission we delve into his ‘Brotherhood Solo’-themed gallery and come up with Killraven sidekick M’Shulla from Marvel’s War of the Worlds epic in Amazing Adventures as mostly helmed by author Don McGregor and artist P. Craig Russell. For more details on M’Shulla you can read Damon’s copy here:
With the various ‘Brotherhood’ themes I think I may have lost count on how many I’ve inked for the client overall. But it’s my first M’Shulla and my third crack at Sunny Lee’s pencils, all for Damon. Conveniently, as Damon’s also my Gallery Chronicler, he may know;-)

This 11X17 image was rendered on non-descript 2-ply board from a pad. I probably used 40% brush and 60% markers. I completed it on August 30, 2015.

Sunny Lee on DeviantArt:

Sunny’s pencils

Bob’s inks