Stat time: This was my 1st time inking Dick Ayers, one of Marvel’s Silver-age legends, whom I’ve met at various shows. This is my 35th commission for Damon and my 4th Brass for him. In this case, Dick used the reference material by Richard Bennett sent by Damon as inspiration for the character’s pose. I also used the ref as ref in order to make the details a little more faithful but there are some deviations that we can call artistic liberties and vision that I chose to NOT redo. I presume that the pencil art was sprayed with fixative since I couldn’t erase the graphite off so I tried to cover much of it up with correction fluid and I scanned the inked image with a lighter levels setting than usual in Photoshop so that most of the pencil is gone. I used brush, Pitt brush markers and other markers to handle this 9X12 image which I completed on 8/1/2005.

Richard Bennett art reference

Pencils by Dick Ayers

Inks by Bob