Damon has used a few themes along the way such as seen in my own gallery with “Golden-age Heroes”, “Brass”, “Crossover Nexus” and his “Brotherhood” images. This one, my 44th from him, debuts his “Black Panther World Tour” at my site. First stop, the United Kingdom, with a BP & Union Jack team-up by Trevor Von Eeden, my 2nd job over his work. I personally find his art challenging since he is very light & sketchy and I can’t quite always make out what he’s drawn so I find myself just improvising. In this scene the client asked that I remove all of the “Christmas card” style copy and replace the stars & stripes with a Wakandan banner since, after all, T’Challa is AFRICAN, not African-American. Since I’d designed the Wakandan banner in BP #49 (see “BLACK PANTHER BY SAL VELLUTO” on gallery page 1) it was simple enough to adjust it for him. Also of note: I dotted the stars in instead of doing a white ink spattered star-scape; I haven’t done this approach for a decade or so. Using brush, Pitt brush marker, markers and crayon pencil, I finished this 9X12 job on 2/15/2006. Note: if you squint you can see Trevor’s shape of the Silver Surfer, like a reverse silhouette, at the top of the art.

Pencils by Trevor Von Eeden

Inks By Bob