Michael has launched a new commission theme: “bombshells”. We have images of Golden-age heroines from various publishers sitting upon WWII bombs. The ladies are, from top to bottom: Miss America, Liberty Belle, Bullet Girl & the Blonde Phantom. While I had done a job previously for Damon of the Blonde Phantom with Sal Velluto, this is my 1st shot at these other “Good Girls”. Same thing regarding cheesecake pin-up artist Dan Veesenmeyer, it’s my 1st crack at inking him. He renders tight and heavily with the graphite but I was able to deal with that factor with minimal effort. The client suggested to me to consider using a background circle in the composition as a design element and I ultimately did so after he sent me vintage images from the time period that do just that (as seen in the 3 color files on the bottom right). These 11X17 drawings on 2-ply board were inked with brush and markers. Michael 32nd to 35th commissions with me were completed on May 27, 2008.