Now THIS is my kind of commission! The client wanted 13 Avengers (Beast was a 14th last minute addition) taking on giant Ultron robots in a scene of devastation measuring 15″ X 20″ on a 25.75″ X 21″ board. But he requested the members be from their ’70s look with the exception of wanting Thor with his ’80s Simonson-esque beard and adding Mockingbird who wasn’t with the team until the 1980s. I assisted Sal in referencing the characters from that time period (my favorite) but I also needed to tweak several of them during the inking stage, especially Wanda, Iron Man and Mockingbird. I left alone the characters where Sal had his own artistic interpretation, even if some liberties were taken, as in the cases of Thor and Hawkeye. All of my normal tools were used with no SFX necessary save some zip on Hawkeye’s bracelets, some light spatter over mjolnir and some razor scraping where Panther slashes at something. It was completed on 6/10/03. Avengers Attack!

Sal’s pencil art

Inked By Bob