This is another one of those special opportunities for me. Much like having inked Tuska, Grell, Trimpe, Perlin & Adam Kubert (and coming soon Starlin, Ayers and Colan) Adam Hughes is one of those “holy grail” kind of artists where someone like me gets a crack at inking them when I know it would most-likely never occur with an official assignment because these guys either: ink themselves almost exclusively, are superstar creators who incidentally don’t or rarely do commissions or are pricey when they do, or are some of comicdom’s respected Gold/Silver/Bronze-age veterans who rarely do regular work anymore. My 3rd commission for the Pillarella brothers from Rubber Chicken Comics, this was my first attempt at inking Adam’s convention sketch. I considered adding special FX to play off the lightning energy but after about 2 minutes I realized that it’s the simplicity of a Hughes drawing that makes it special so I just tried to faithfully capture the line weights properly using mostly brush with a little bit of markers. Since he quickly shaded in Mary Marvel’s hair with his pencil I rendered it with a black Prismacolor pencil. After a long commission break I completed this job on 5/24/2005.

Adam Hughes pencil sketch

Bob’s Inks