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Written by Bob Almond   
Sunday, 13 April 2008 21:57


After many months without attending any shows I returned for the umpteenth time on September 11-13, 2009 to what has become my home away from home, The Pittsburgh Comicon. After an adventurish road trip with Enrique (Zeke) Savory, Alyn Berstrom, and Wade Callender, we attended the pre-show party Thursday night and I hooked up with my roommate and Inkwell Awards Press&promo contributor Tom Schloendorn (pic#1).  And on another night I could be found in my naural habitat post-show hours at the bar as seen here with artist Rob Reilly (pic#2).  And with artist Jay Fife and JimmyT (pic#3).  And Rob with the dude who organized the pre-show party that I can't name at this time with Tommy Castillo (pic#4). And towards the end of the night with a blitzed Neil Vokes and not-so-blitzed Chris Moreno (pic#5).   The next day I took these shots of the new venue exterior, with the second image showing the long line for Stan Lee, the guest of honor (pics6&7). Fellow inker Wayne Faucher jumped into a shot with me (pic#8) as did the Inkwell boys Jimmy Tournas and Tom (pic#9).  And here I am with Dan Fraga who, like everyone else above, donated a sketchcard or cover to the Inkwells (pic#10).  And the remaining images are of the interior of the venue just prior to opening hours for the day.  We had a very busy weekend for the non-profit as can be viewed at the Inkwell Awards site's Appearances page with more photos here.  I'm looking forward to returning to the show on the traditional month of April on the 23rd - 25th.


















































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