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(collects H4H#1-12, 

Spider-Island: H4H,

Villains For Hire#0.1)

Writers:Abnett & Lanning

Pencils:Kyle Hotz, others

Inks:Bob Almond, others

Marvel Comics/416pp./

$34.99/Ships 8/16/17






(collects GotG Annual 4,etc.)


Pencilers:Kevin West,others

Inkers:Bob Almond,others

Marvel Comics/352pp/

$34.99/Ships 4/12/17


BLAPWAK2016004 Var



variant cover: Sal Velluto

& Bob Almond

Marvel Comics/32pp/

$3.99/Ships 4/19/17


KBV2 Hardcover large


Writers: Art Ayris, others

Pencilers:Kyle Hotz,others

Inkers:Bob Almond,others

Kingstone Media/672pp/

$24.99/Shipped 10/18/16


KBV3 Hardcover large


Writers: Art Ayris, others

Pencilers:Kyle Hotz,R.Bonk

   & others

Inkers:Bob Almond,others

Kingstone Media/704pp/

$24.99/Shipped 10/18/16


All characters and related art copyright © their respective owners.

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I'm the Top Commission Inker on CAF! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Monday, 30 July 2012 18:18

I was stunned and honored to find out, thanks to longtime chum and my gallery chronicler Damon Owens, that in an article about a recent survey at the Comic Art Fans gallery site that I'm listed with the highest quantity of inked commissions at that venue! I better get the pace going, though, because Joe Rubenstein is breathing down my neck-LOL!  See why 189+ can't be wrong and give me a try and hire me for an inking commission NOW!


Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 14:47
How cool is this?! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Monday, 30 July 2012 18:12

My idol George Perez is known for always sporting a Hawaiian shirt at public appearances but in this photo (with Marvel and DC Captain Marvel cosplayers) from an unknown event he wears the Avengers shirt that was an inker jam between myself, Tim Townsend, Scott Hanna and Norman Lee (and colored by Tom Smith) and the only published work that I ever inked/ finished over George's sketch art. (For those keeping track, I did Thor and Wasp, Tim did Cap, Scott handled Wanda, and Norman Antman and Iron-man).


Inkwell Awards Merchandise Stolen! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Monday, 30 July 2012 18:02

Please check out the articles at Bleeding Cool, our own Inkwell site and especially FirstComicNews which has the most information for all of the info and the files!

If you see something that look familar you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Last Updated on Monday, 30 July 2012 18:03
Finally back from the Negative Zone!!! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Sunday, 03 June 2012 14:38

To my fans/visitors: I'm so sorry about the site being down for, what 2 or 3 weeks?  Seemed like an eternity to me as it happened right after my computer hard drive died...I was not having a good month (in fact my email account is still not functioning properly).  My webhost buddy Rich Lane was able to finally figure things out and save the day for me today (and my sanity).  Much sincere thanks, Rich!


Yes, I know, I have some updating to do. I have a commission to add to the Gallery and I just realized that my Store section is very outdated. But this month I need to prepare for the big, annual Heroes Con in less than 3 weeks and the related Inkwell Awards ceremony plus catch up on several commissions. If you want to commission me, please expect that there is a waitting time now of anywhere between 2-5 months or so.  To secure a spot on the list you will need to send me the commission and pay at least a 50% deposit where normally it'd be 100% but I don't feel comfortable doing that at this point. To all of my clients: it's been a challenging year to say the least and I am grateful to you generous patience and understanding.

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 June 2012 14:54
The 2012 Inkwell Awards Ballot Goes Live at Midnight!!! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Monday, 30 April 2012 16:06


Just an FYI that this year's ballot for the Inkwell Awards will be active from midnight tonight May 1st until Tuesday May 15 at the Inkwell Awards site homepage as usual.  Voting is open to all so please spread the word as you only have 2 weeks (down from the traditional one month) to show love to your favorite ink artists! The Results will be announced at the live Heroes Con award ceremony in June (more on that to be announced later).  Thank you to all our supporters!


Last Updated on Sunday, 03 June 2012 14:25
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2012! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Monday, 30 April 2012 15:58

This year I was invited to my pal Ernie's Friendly Neighborhood Comics store for the annual FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) festivities on Saturday May 5th (I'll be seeing THE AVENGERS on opening day Friday). I've signed at Ernie's store before (it's in Bellingham, MA, about 50 minutes from me) and I recommend the venue highly if you're looking for a service-focused business with a family theme, community support and interaction, and product diversity.  I'll be signing from at least 9am to noon.  I would've posted this sooner here but Ernie hasn't gotten around to plugging it at his own site/blog yet so I decided to get the ball rolling.  Maybe I'll see you there or at The Southcoast Toy & Comic Show the next day in Fairhaven, MA (see last news article).


Last Updated on Sunday, 03 June 2012 14:25
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Avengers: Supreme Justice tpb (April '01)
Original wraparound cover design. Pencils: George Perez, Inks: Thor & Wasp- Bob Almond, Ant-Man & Iron Man- Norman Lee, Scarlet Witch- Scott Hanna, Cap- Tim Townsend, Colors: Tom Smith

Cover art for Black Panther #43. Originally intended as the cover for The Comic Reader Magazine, now defunct. Pencils: Sal Velluto, Inks: Bob Almond, Colors: Tom Smith.

Heroes Con, June 9th 2001. (Clockwise) Bob, Mike Avon Oeming, Norman Lee, and Tom Smith. Photo by Mark Bagley.

Detail from the cover of Black Panther #28. Pencils & inks by Sal Velluto.  Loose visual/symbolic representation of the creative team:  Left to right: Pasquale (Lino) Viapiano (ink assistant), Bob, Sal Velluto, Tom Brevoort, Mark Sumerak, Priest, and Tom Smith (cover colorist).

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