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May 2, 2009
A rotating gallery of public appearance photos
Friendly Neighborhood Comics
Ever since my old attorney bud, art collector,  and Inkwell Awards legal consultant Ernie Pelletier left the world of
law to fulfill a dream of his to open up his own comic retail store, I promised to do any signing events for him.  So
for FCBD I had my chance.  And I was stunned to see a line outside a 40 minutes before the store opened! (#1).
The signing went fine and I enjoyed every minute of the 5+ hours that I stayed to meet fans and browse his clean
and super-stocked  shelves (#2&3).  Not part of my event, but on FCBD in Greensboro, NC I found this pic of a fan
wearing the Sal&Bob-designed Wakandan threads next (#4).  If you're in Bellingham, MA be sure to check out FNC!
April 4-5, 2009
I was so busy trying to cover my
table and also the Inkwell Awards
spot with Jimmy Tournas that I didn't
really take any pix for once.  But this
first 2-day affair for the BCC was a
huge success for me and us and I
can't wait to do it again!
March 8, 2009
After a few years away I returned to the
Boston Comic Book Spectacular and
Jimmy & I had a good time and got a few
IA donations to boot! (#2). And then
there's the ladies;-)  (#1)
Inkwell Awards
(above)The full table setup of 2 banners,
raffle goods, & other items for sale.
February 6-8, 2009
The Superheroine Monologues
This was my first year with the Inkwell Awards banner so I set up the vertical one behind my space (#1&2).  I ran into Greg Holland, super Valiant/Acclaim fan and collector (#3).  As the
old t-shirt used to say: "Here comes the Hulk"(#4) and "There goes the Hulk" (#5)!  This event marked the first time we had so many Inkwell Awards committee members and contributors
in one spot to I took advantage of that with my camera, 'natch!  First we have Ernie Pelletier, Mark McKenna, Bob Shaw, myself, and inker & supporter Serge Lapointe all wearing our tees
(#6) and then we shot it again when Dave Simons showed up, sadly our final photos with him (#7).  Jimmy Tournas showed up later and missed the group shot but you can see these and
other Inkwell NYCC show photos at the 'Appearances' page at the Inkwell Awards site.  This character looks vaguely familiar...(#8). I met my Wiki chronicler Mike Fichera & his pal Anthony
both from the Marvel handbooks(#9). I took part in an Inking panel as seen here with inker Zander Cannon and my IDW editor & panel mod Andy Schmidt(#10).  And lastly, I took in the 
Sunday morning sites in Times Square(#9&10).  In summary, I made out well, had a blast, and received a LOT of Inkwell donations & exposure.  It was a hell of a show!
Inkwell Awards
Valiant Greg Holland
Jimmy T's Comic Inking Site
Friendly Neighborhood Comics:
Ernie Pelletier
Bananatail: Mark McKenna
ComicArtHouse: Bob Shaw
Serge Lapointe
The last Boston Comic Con one-day show was a hoot and a half, especially w/ my brother Mike traveling with me as we haven't done a show together
in eons, even though he was sick as a dog.  I ran into my old ink assistant Scott Ambruson as a pirate (I don't remember why now, though) (#1&2),
I received a fantastic Medusa sketchbook cover donation from TMNT and good girl artist Michael Dooney (#3),  spent time with my Vampi & Quasar
pencil partner Mike Lilly(#4), caught up with my old friend, fellow Illustration classmate, and ex-ink assistant Norman Lee where he debuted his beaut-
iful fiance Jan (look,it's the Shaws, too!)(#5), and Mike & I posed with Bernie & Liz Wrightson(#6), hearkening back to 15-20 years ago when me & my
bro would take annual Halloween party trips to the Wrightson household which led to me breaking into the comic biz.  Good times!!!
November 8, 2008
Tat Studios: official website of Scott Ethan Ambruson Comic Art House: Norman Lee
Wrightson Art forum & gallery
Mike Lilly
May 18, 2008
Another nice visit to Manchester, NH for the Proulx Bros.' Granite State Comicon.  I caught up with friends like Amy Fletcher (#1) and uber-Hawkeye art collector
Jerome Conner (#3) and I also got some great Inkwell Awards fundraising donations from the likes of Keith Champagne & his "Skrullbama" (#2) and Scott Wegener
w/ his Skrull Atomic Robo (#4).
Facebook: Amy Fletcher
Champagne Wishes 3.0
Scott Wegener
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