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A couple of recent interviews done with me

These go back a couple of months but, as you already know, I wasn’t exactly on top of stuff at this site a couple of months ago http://blog.comicbookrevolution.net/2009/10/revolutionary-interviews-bob-almond.html http://graphicnovelreporter.com/content/bob-almond-behind-scenes

Where the hell have I been?!?

Yeah, some of my site regulars know that I’ve always taken pride in having monthly updates, which I honored most of the time. But just as Rich Lane and I started to construct the new pages, my pal Sal (Velluto) came a callin’ asking me to help him out again on the Phantom (“The Phantom: […]

Sketch Magazine: back on schedule!

As reported at their site Sketch Magazine will be back on track by next month after a several month absence since issue 39 shipped.  For issue 40 my ‘Inkblots’ column will correct the 2-part article “Getting There: My very Own Origin” and “Staying There” as part 2 was printed in issue 38 without a part […]

My return to the North East Comic Con (for the 1st time!)

For those interested,  the next show that I’ll be attending is the North East Comic Con (formerly the New England Comic Con that I attended this past fall) in Boston on Sunday January 10, 2010 with headliners Billy Tucci and Ethan Van Sciver in attendance.  Besides my Inkwell Awards, local talent will also be in […]

Boston Comic Con

I’ll be attending the Boston Comic Con on October 24 & 25.  Besides my own material being available for sale (original art, prints, comics & trades, sketchbooks, etc) I’ll be there representing The Inkwell Awards with Jimmy Tournas on another adjacent table.  We’ll have lots of donated stuff for sale as well besides the usual […]